ROLEX Vintage Oysterdate Wrist Watch




In the quiet corners of an antique watch shop nestled between bustling city streets, there sat a timepiece that seemed to whisper tales of its illustrious past. It was a Rolex Oysterdate Precision, a modest yet captivating beauty with a stainless steel frame that gleamed under the gentle store lights.

  • Its mid-size, 30mm diameter case, polished to perfection, housed a fine original white dial adorned with silver markers that bore the soft sheen of age—a vintage patina that spoke of years gracefully endured. Each marker and pointer seemed to tell a story, etched in time.

    Inside, beating with precision, was a 17-jewel caliber 1210 movement, a testament to Rolex's craftsmanship. This movement, born from the legacy of WWII hunter movements, boasted shockproof resilience—a testament to its enduring strength and reliability.

    At the heart of the dial, nestled neatly at the 3 o'clock position, was the famed Cyclops date window, a distinctive feature synonymous with Rolex's commitment to functionality and elegance. Every detail, from the screw-down Rolex crown to the signed dial, case, movement, and crown, exuded a sense of authenticity and heritage.

    Adorned with a tan  leather strap, the timepiece embodied timeless elegance. Though originally crafted with mid-size proportions, its allure transcended gender norms, embodying a beauty that could be appreciated by anyone who cherished fine craftsmanship and classic design.


  • Mid size - Boys or unisex 
  • 30 mm diameter 
  • Ref. 6466
  • Circa 1970. 

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