17J Pierce Caliber 134 Military Stainless steel Chronograph with a well running Pierce in house movement which is extremely rare today. Pierce was marketed as a 4 in 1 watch in that it contained a timekeeper, a stopwatch, a telemetre scale to measure sound distance as well as a tachymetre scale to measure speed. 37 mm diameter excluding pushers. Note beautiful case back with eight screws.

The British government was the largest contractor of the Pierce Chrono until the end of the second World
War. Because of their beautiful bright dials, the Pierce Chronographs were used extensively by the British Army's medical division. Rare and highly collectible chronograph with a very mildly aged silver dial and luminous Arabic numbers. Luminous kite hands and a RED chrono hand.

This model was an official pilots chronograph during the late 40's. and was selected as the official watch for the flight crew of Trans-Caribbean Airlines. Belongs in everyone's military and chronograph collection.

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