ROLEX AIR-KING Precision Oyster Perpetual stainless steel reference 5500  in excellent running condition with gorgeous black dial,  silver markers and pointers, Rolex signed lock down crown and stainless Rolex Oyster bracelet.   This is one of the last of the special models by Rolex and has all of the beautiful  and classic styling of the Oyster Perpetual watches. This is a rare and quite uncommon Rolex Air King in that it was released in the midst of World War II along with the Air -Giant, Air -Tiger and Air -Lion to honor the RAF pilots of the Battle of Britain who preferred the Rolex Oysters which they purchased on their own since they were found to be much more suited to the rigors of Battle than the watches that were standard government issue at the time.  Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, was so impressed with the high regard the pilots had for his watches that he wished to honor the daring and legendary pilots flying in the Battle of Britain.  The only one of the group of four that is still in production today is the Air- King and for how long we do not know.  Thus making it an excellent choice to add to one’s collection.  This model was in production for some 60 years and was re-introduced at  Baselworld in 2016, but this vintage model is still dearest to lovers of vintage watches.

This Air-King  is in excellent condition and shows minimal signs of wear.  The case shows the 1002 reference which was accurate for the Oyster cases used for the Air- King.  The bracelet has minimal stretch and in great condition.  The overall watch is stunning and you will enjoy wearing this historical beauty. This watch is simple and elegant and will not fail to impress with its high quality workmanship and precision.

The US airliner Pan Am presented its retiring pilots with Rolex Air-King watches.   

  • Maker:  Rolex                      
  • Model: Air-King
  • Reference:  5500
  • Year: Circa 1968
  • Material:  Stainless with stainless Oyster bracelet
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Caliber: Rolex 1520
  • Jewels: 26
  • Serial 226xxxx




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