Heuer LED LCD Chronosplit Vintage Watches nyc

The 1970’s was a particularly impactful and interesting decade for Heuer who had a lineup of iconic watches including legendary models like the Carrera, Silverstone, Autavia and Monaco among others. The 70’s was also when Heuer made the radical and forward-looking move into the world of digital movements.  

One special watch, The Chronosplit, the one that began Heuer's foray into the digital wristwatch space is the one we’ll be taking a closer look at --the iconic Ref. 100-703 with its unmistakable and dual LCD/ and bright red LED display.  Introduced in 1975 was truly a groundbreaking design and achievement.  These have become increasingly rare vintage watches to find in working order as they were notoriously fragile electronic movements that were easily susceptible to battery/movement damage.  

Heuer LED LCD Chronosplit Vintage Watches

The Chronosplit was a totally different design direction for Heuer who didn't try to make these quartz solid-state based watches look like their existing line-up of mechanical movements, Heuer gave these watches their own unique design and celebrated the fact that these were ultra high-tech revolutionary watches --not cheap alternatives.  The design direction was said to have been inspired by a trip Jack Heuer took to silicon valley when semiconductor development was making big new strides.