ELGIN Vintage size 16 military  pocket watch from the WW11 era in fine running condition.  Excellent off white open faced  dial with rare Montgomery style outer red minute dial used for the military.    Blued spade pointers and Tan Arabic numbers make this a very good looking and interesting military  dial.  Seconds dial at number six position.  Condition of nickel case is extremely good with a plain back and traditional  rope design encircles the front and back of case.  Case back is signed “Cased and Timed by Elgin National Watch Co”.  Movement is a well running 17 jewel, grade 387 Model 7,   handsomely decorated and containing screw down jewels, a ¾ plate.  

Elgin was a pioneering company and was always looking for ways to improve the performance of their timepieces.  Their research led to the development of very accurate hair spring made from an alloy which was called Elginium.  The chief benefit was its ability to withstand extremes in climatic temperatures.   It was then used in the manufacture of two grades of field issue pocket watches.  This is the 17 jewel enhanced version with damascened movement and the balance micrometer regulator as standard and was a Grade 387.  The majority of these watches served with artillery units, but they also saw extensive use in airborne and transportation operations.   This is a nice clean watch to     wear or for your military collection.  50mm diameter.

       Circa: 1944



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