Indulge in the timeless elegance  and classic look of this distinguished Elgin timepiece, a marvel of craftsmanship and sophistication in a man’s size 16.  Encased in lustrous 14K heavy gold, its classic hunter design exudes understated luxury, adorned with  coin edges and a discreet open shield, inviting the personal touch of initials. Lovely case is 70.3 grams of 14K gold,  

Within its radiant exterior lies a meticulously preserved dial, resplendent with crisp Roman numerals and sleek black spade pointers, all framed by the gentle gleam of a seconds dial at the six o'clock position. Delicately nestled within, the well running movement reveals its inner workings—a symphony of  refinement.

The 15-jewel movement, a testament to the artisanal mastery of its time, boasts a Breguet hairspring and screw-set gold jewel cups, all delicately ensconced within a gilt finish. Regulator is beautifully scrolled.  Crowned with a touch of regal flair, this timepiece is both lever-set and crown-wind, offering a seamless experience in adjusting time with effortless grace. Lever must be pulled out and held to set time.

This Elgin timepiece is poised to become a cherished companion for those with an appreciation for timeless elegance and enduring craftsmanship.


  • 14K GOLD heavy case 52 mm diameter
  • 15 Jewels
  • Circa 1890

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