WALTHAM Military Vintage watch


WALTHAM Military wrist watch ordered by the US government for the Army Air Corps and the Naval Aviators to very specific specifications. They had to be waterproof: Have a sweep seconds hand as well as the HACK feature to allow for synchronization with a central time source for missions and bombings. American watch houses stopped civilian production during war years and concentrated on producing timing devices for the war. Waltham produced bomb timers and ship chronometers, pocket and wrist watches as well aircraft and tank watches. Of all the timepieces carried in the field, the A-17 wristwatch seems to be the most desirable and collected today. This watch is in excellent condition and is running well. Measures 40mm lug to lug and 31 mm diameter. Dial is black with white large Arabic numbers and white hands. 2400 inner dial and an outer 5 minute track makes this military watch look excellent. Dial is very clean and original and surrounded by a coin edge bezel. Hack feature works correctly and stops the sweep seconds hand for synchronized timing when pulled out. This Viet Nam era watch is stainless steel made by Star Watch Case and back is engraved TYPE A17 Specification Mil-W6433/MFRS Part No. 1016-CS-12-24MFGRS SerialNO 14138/Order NO.DA-36-038-ORDMovement signed Waltham caliber 6/0-C and it is 21 Jewels - a high jewel count for a military watch. Correct Ordnance Dept. kahki color strap attached. Fine collectible military watch. 

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