WALTHAM Railroad Pocket Watch


WALTHAM gold filled size 16 Railroad watch with a 21 Jewel beautiful and sparkling just  serviced movement.  This is a Grade 645, model 1908 with a lever set and pendant wind, patented regulator, adjusted to temperatures and five positions and a SOLID GOLD center wheel.  What a beautiful movement like a piece of art.  The dial is perfect white with black large Arabic numbers, black spade pointers and a black and red Montgomery dial.   This is not a Montgomery “style” dial but an actual Montgomery dial.  Excellent case has some engraved designs on back and a fine French stirrup bow.    This is an excellent watch for a collection but also one you will enjoy wearing. 

  • Man's size 16 
  • Railroad grade
  • 21 Jewels - solid gold center wheel 
  • Grade 645
  • Montgomery dial 
  • Circa 1913


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