WALTHAM gold filled hunting cased lady’s size 6 Pocket Watch


WALTHAM gold filled hunting cased  size 6 pocket watch  for a gentleman who just wants a smaller
sized watch or for a lady to use in purse or wherever,  in fine running condition. This is a perfectly plain front and back case. Initials BB engraved
on inside of back cover side. Extra fine perfect white dial. Black Arabic numbers and black spade pointers.
Sunk seconds dial at number six position.Red outer ring of five minute marks. 7 Jewel sparkling “J” grade,
model 1890 ¾ gilt movement with Brequet Spring balance. Housed in a fine 14 K 25 year Cashier Extra case.
40 mm diameter or 1 1/2”. .Good looking gift that comes with a black velvet bag as always.

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