WALTHAM Multicolor Pocket Watch


Waltham W.H Wheeler signed open faced fancy multicolor dial  pocket watch  in fine running condition. This is a man's size watch at size 18 and 56 mm diameter.  Very dressy in a suit/ vest pocket or for his collection .

Movement is a 15 jewel model 1883 and  grade W.H. Wheeler size 18  pendant wind and set with a patented regulator.  Dial is excellent and beautiful with  pale blue and elaborate gold designs  as well as gold Louis the XIV fancy hands.  Stunning dial has a very slight short hairline barely visible to the naked eye.  Case is 14K gold filled in near mint condition with lovely engraving on back and an empty shield in the center. Diameter of this watch is 56 mm without crown.  You will feel very special wearing this watch.  It’s really a beauty.  

  • Circa 1892
  • 15 Jewel
  •  Multicolor dial 
  •  Man's size 18  

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