Here we have a fine and well running pocket watch with historical MILITARY significance.  HMS Impregnable was a 98-gun second rate three-decker ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 1 August 1810 at Chatham. She was designed by Sir William Rule, and was the only ship built to her draught. Purportedly as originally built she was a near copy of the famed first rate HMS Victory, Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.Impregnable was rated as a training ship1862[3] and removed from the reserve fleet to begin service at Devonport  training boy seamen for the Royal Navy. 

The movement is protected by an inner hinged cover which has the inscription "P J. Desborough 22 Dec. 1909 HMS IMPREGNABLE".  The watch measures 50 mm diameter and the case is sterling silver with hallmarks in three covers for Birmingham 1909, The case is in great condition with lovely blue enamel Roman numbers surrounding a glass window to tell the time without having to open the watch since there is an hour hand with double swells so again watch does not have to be opened. The perfect white dial has black roman numbers and blued pointers.  The watch opens by pressing  down the crown. 

Your gentleman will  not only enjoy wearing this pocket watch but owning  a great collectible. 

Ashton-Blakey has provided watches and chain to the executive and members of the Vintagers Club of America.  


  • Sterling silver historical Military Significance
  • 50 mm diameter 
  • circa 1909 
  • HMS Impregnable 




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