Presenting a fine sterling  silver pocket watch crafted by the renowned London watchmaker, Sir John Bennett, featuring clear hallmarks indicating its origin in Chester, 1882. Meticulously preserved, this timepiece stands in excellent condition, showcasing a sparkling  clean movement and impeccable functionality, ensuring excellence  in timekeeping.

Encased in a lovely silver exterior with an inner dust protection cover, the watch bears the distinguished engraving of "John Bennett, MAKER TO THE ROYAL OBSERVATORY," highlighting its prestigious lineage and association with the ADMIRALTY. The robust case hinge remains in perfect condition, complemented by a top winding action and a strong top bow, along with a side pin for seamless time setting.

The dial exhibits a perfect blend of sophistication and clarity, featuring a pristine white enamel surface adorned with black Roman numerals, elegant blue steel hands, and a small sweep 60-second hand dial—all impeccably preserved. The watch crystal, with a bezelled edge, remains remarkably clean and clear, enhancing the overall allure of this fine timepiece.

Completing this distinguished set is a double silver Albert Chain from a later date, circa 1900, each link adorned with meticulously stamped hallmarks. The inclusion of a T-bar and fasteners, also hallmarked, adds to the overall elegance  of this pocket watch ensemble.

Measuring a refined 50mm in diameter, this timepiece is accompanied by a 9-inch-long double silver Albert Chain, making it an ideal and rare find for collectors and enthusiasts alike. A testament to the artistry of Sir John Bennett, this pocket watch set is not only a collector's gem but also a timeless gift that reflects history and craftsmanship.
  • Silver Sir John Bennett
  • 15 Jewel
  • Circa 1882

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