The attached pocket watch photos are of a very Special historical  sterling silver  Kendal and Dent Gold medal awarded at the Paris Exhibition in 1885 with Kendal & Dent original antique watch  key and a lovely  beautifully embossed coloured advertising card from that period ,Engraved Gold medal on inner case , Lovely clear British  Hallmarks for 1885.

Watch is English Lever movement clean and working fine keeping time.  You will see a very beautifully engraved balance cock.  Enamel dial without chips or hairline cracks , both case hinges perfectly fine 
You've stumbled upon a treasure trove of history! Picture a splendid Kendal and Dent gold medal, a relic from the esteemed Paris Exhibition of 1885. Accompanied by an antique watch key and a beautifully preserved advertising card from that era, it's a testament to craftsmanship and elegance. The English Lever movement still ticks gracefully, framed by an enamel dial without a single flaw. The watch's patina tells a story of time well-lived, enhanced by its original Bravington's of Kings Cross London watch box.

This isn't just a watch; it's a piece of timeless allure, a rare find indeed.
with crystal watch glass and bezelled edged , back of the case has  light.aging with cartouche all plain.  

Comes with a Bravington's of Kings Cross London watch box , could well be the original as  they did retail for Kendal and Dent 

Watch size 52mm diameter  weight 121grams 

Been a very long time since we  have seen a watch from the Paris Exhibition of 1885 and with the embossed  Card and key very rare to find.  

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