The history of the Helvetia watch goes way back to 1848, to  Louis Brands  By 1880 Louis and his brother  set up a watch manufacturing business, La Generale Watch Co (General Watch Company).  Helvetia, being the female personification of the Swiss nation, bearing testament to the Swiss origin of their watches. The watches produced by the Brands brothers were highly thought of and by incorporation of the new lever movements in 1885, they produced timepieces that were accurate to within an astounding 30 seconds per day. Four years later the General Watch company  became the largest producer of watches in Switzerland. They formed collaborations with other manufacturers, most notably Audemars Piguet and produced highly desirable watches.

  This particular Helvetia WWII military pocket watch has an excellent black dial, is running strong and has military style Arabic numbers with lume at the 12, 3 and nine numbers and the hands are in great condition.  The movement is signed, clean, 15 Jewel,  running well and is a caliber 32A.  The case is metal and shows use. Watch came from family of warrior who used it in WWll.   Back of case is marked G.S/T.P with the number 176683 and a broad arrow for the British Military.  An excellent military collectible.  52mm diameter.

  • Circa 1940's 

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