HAMILTON MODEL 23 MILITARY CHRONOGRAPH pocket watch in excellent all original condition and running well. The Model 23 was widely used during WWII by navigators as a stopwatch. It is a 19 jewel, 16 size watch adjusted to temperature and 3 positions and was paired with the US Navy Model IV octant, as well as a couple of other sextants. the Model 23 was clipped to the side of the Mark IV octant and a trigger pushed the button on the Model 23 to stop and start the stopwatch. Based on the extremely reliable 992B with Elinvar hairspring and mono-metallic balance, The Model 23 adds a chronograph mechanism making it one of the most complicated watches produced by Hamilton. This base metal Keystone Watch case is very well preserved with only normal wear to case and back.    Crystal is excellent as is very fine black dial. All functions work as they should and start-stop and reset to zero.  Widely used by bomber navigators in WW11.   This is an excellent example of a fine collectible military Hamilton Model 23 chronograph and will be an admirable timepiece worthy of your collection.

  • Model 23
  • Circa 1942

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