Elgin Pocket watch Large size 18 with Box Hinge



ELGIN 14K gold filled box hinged hunting cased pocket watch in fine condition.  This beautiful large size 18 watch has a fancy dial as you can see, in the most attractive pale blue and gold motif.   This is our very favorite and most collectible dial of all time.  Black ornamental numbers surround the blue and gold dial with Louis XlV gold pointers.  Sub seconds dial at number six position. Very faint hairline on dial.    15 jewel well running model 2,  grade 316  movement with patented regulator is crown winding and lever set. Very nicely engraved hunting case with swirl designs, and floral borders on this excellent case.    Diameter is 55 mm without crown and box hinges.  This is a rare and stunning watch as a collectible and most certainly to wear and enjoy.  

  • Circa 1908

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