ELGIN Silver Pocket Watch


ELGIN Silver,  hunting case,  box hinged pocket watch, size 18 in fine well running condition.  This is the very special watch you have been looking for.  The one that will distinguish you and set you apart from the crowd as a person who loves quality and a unique watch.  The perfect white dial is double sunk with black Roman numbers and lovely fleur de Lis hands which give this dial a very special appearance.  The watch is crown wind and lever set with a 15 ruby jewel model 2, grade 27 B.W Raymond –Railroad grade nickel finish full plate movement.  It has a patented regulator, going barrel, gold jewel settings, Mosely Regulator and is adjusted to 3 positions.  The rare  silver box hinge case is beautifully decorated and in excellent condition and measures 53mm in diameter without the crown and box hinge. Imagine yourself wearing this lovely watch.

  • 15 jewel
  • size 18 - 53mm diameter 
  • Railroad Grade
  • Silver 
  • Circa 1900's  

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