HAMILTON Sterling Silver Pocket Watch


HAMILTON RARE 941  Sterling silver large, heavy  size 18 Hunting cased in fine running condition.  This is a high grade hunter pocket watch in that is has 21 jewels and is railroad grade.  This particular watch being rare as the railroad watches were all housed in open faced cases and this beauty is in a heavy hunter’s case and it is sterling silver in addition to its rarity.  The Hamilton 941 Movement is in pristine condition.  This 941 has the beautiful antique damasking highlighted with gold lettering, a truly stunning movement and at 115 years of age. This fine Hamilton 941 is a size 18 and measures 2 ¼ inches in diameter. The full plate nickel silver, lever set movement has 21 fine Ruby Jewels with raised gold jewel settings, double roller, safety pinion a high grade micro regulator and gold balance weights. This fine timepiece is also adjusted to heat and cold and to 5 positions, and then we have a gold center wheel and train with a steel escapement, all designed for an incredibly accurate pocket watch. Truly one of the finest Railroad Pocket Watches manufactured and limited to a run of only 26,700.  This fine Hamilton has been serviced. 

The dial is an excellent white double sunk railroad dial signed Hamilton with black Arabic railroad numbers, surrounded by red five minute marks and numbers, as well  blue/black spade pointers.  There is a sub seconds dial at the number six position.  These stunning high end dials were made with three layers of copper baked together with several coats of silica and finished to give a dial a rich and deep porcelain finish.  True quality. 

This 941 Hamilton movement is housed in a beautiful and stunning heavy triple hinged  sterling silver Crescent case and is marked as such.  This beautifully crafted case shows very minor wear and the machining is very crisp and deep on both sides with a lovely unadorned shield on one side. There are two outer covers and an inner dust cover to protect the movement.  This rare Hamilton 941 is a lovely example in this fine condition and is truly one of the finest railroad Pocket watches manufactured.  This watch will be enjoyed by the wearer or as one of highlights of a collection.  This is truly a watch to be passed down through the generations. 


  • Sterling Silver Hunting Case
  • 21 Jewels
  • Railroad grade 941 



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