Here we have a stunning Elgin  large size 18 gold filled  pocket watch with a beautifully  box hinged case and  a multicolour blue and gold dial.  This is a recently serviced and well running 15 jewel Grade 44, G.M. Wheeler  open faced model with a nickel finish movement, pendant set, going barrel and patented regulator.  The year of production is 1890.  

The dial is a perfect white dial with light blue and gold colouring with fancy black Arabic numbers.  Fine black spade pointers adorn this watch.  

The case is a 14K gold filled  rare open face  box hinge with fine engraving on the back of a deer and various designs of the woods. This is a large elegant watch worn by the gentry at the time and diameter is 54 mm with a beautiful solid  heft and thickness of 20mm.  

This is an exceptional watch that is becoming very rare to find.

Ashton-Blakey has provided watches and chains to the executive and members of the Vintagers Club of America.  

  •     Elgin 14K gold filled multicolour pocket watch
  •     Size 18
  •     Circa 1890
  •     Diameter  54 mm 

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